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Sports Clubs

Marquette Club Tennis
Team consists of about 40 members that practice Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday 8-10pm at the Helfaer Rec Center. Work hard, but also likes to have fun. The A team travels to national and local tournaments. Whole team plays tournaments that culminate in the Midwest Sectional Championship in February.

President: George Wong

Women’s Club Basketball
We are a competitive basketball team that practices twice a week for 2 hours each and participates in 3-4 tournaments a semester. We travel to other universities for our tournaments and host at least one each year.

Men’s Club Lacrosse
Marquette Men’s Club Lacrosse is an organization where Marquette students can have an outlet to play the sport they love during their time at college. We have both spring and fall seasons, with opportunities to join the team before either season. For more information contact Marquette Club Sports program or find us at the Organization Fest in both Spring or Fall.

Club Swimming
Marquette Swimming is home to members of all skill and experience levels! We have swimmers pushing themselves to make national cut times, and swimmers who come to practice to stay in shape. Our motto is “you get out what you put in.” That’s not to say we don’t leave our mark in the pool! We attend several local (day trip) meets a year, and travel (overnight) to 1-2 meets per year. Additionally, we have team bonding events outside of the water. Practice is held from 6:30 to 8:00pm Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at the Helfaer Rec Center. Join us for a good workout and a good time!

Marquette eSports
We are Marquette’s first ever non-physical club sport as well as a social club! We host 3-5 LAN based events every semester as well as weekly events online, and we also oversee the competition of 5 different club eSports teams. 

Running Club
We are a club sport dedicated to promoting the running community on campus while providing opportunities to compete in cross country and track meets, as well as local 5k’s. We are accepting of all speeds and abilities and there is no tryouts. 

Fine Arts Clubs

Marquette Gold ‘n Blues
Marquette’s premier co-ed a cappella group formed in 2008. The Gold ‘n Blues perform at multiple different events on campus and around the Milwaukee area. Recently released an EP on Spotify and Apple Music.

President: Brendan Wilke

The Meladies
Marquette’s all female a cappella group performs on campus and around Milwaukee. Occasionally competes at the ICCA competition.

The Naturals
Marquette’s all male a cappella group performs on campus and around Milwaukee. Competes yearly at the ICCA competition (yes the same one from Pitch Perfect).

Hype Dance Marquette
We are an audition-based hip-hop dance group on campus. We host two free hip-hop dance shows each year, and perform at a variety of events around campus and Milwaukee. Team members learn a new piece of hip-hop choreography each week to perform at our semester showcase. We bring a lot of energy to our campus and the Milwaukee Dance Community!

Stand-Up Comedy Club
The Stand-Up Comedy Club was founded in the fall of 2017 with the sole purpose of making comedy more accessible for Marquette University students. Before the Stand-Up Club was created, the only way to become an active part of the comedy community on campus was through joining an improv club. Over the past year, the Stand-Up Comedy Club has partnered with a number of organizations, such as the Sigma Epsilon fraternity and MARDI GRAS, to raise money for mental health, disaster relief, and other significant issues. The fundraisers that Stand- Up Club has had the honor of being a part of, created a new motive for the organization: using comedy for good.

Dance Inc.
Dance Inc has auditions every semester for those interested in either choreographing or simply dancing. This means we hold two shows a year, one at the end of every semester. We have always had a great variety of dance styles in our shows which makes us unique from any other dance group on campus. We also allow dancers of all levels, so never feel intimidated to stop by at auditions and give it a try.

Academic Clubs

Cyber Security Club
The purpose of this Organization is to further member’s knowledge of popular cyber security concepts and help foster a constructive environment on Marquette’s campus for internet safety. This will include events both within the club, for the club, and events hosted by the club for members outside of the club. This would be most feasible with ten to thirty active members, but still possible with more or less. The inner club events may include hackathons (programming and ideation competitions), capture the flag (server brute forcing competitions), and general discussion about, but not limited to, any news or concepts relevant to the field of, or fields related to, cyber security. The outreach events may include bringing in speakers from the field and hosting seminars on general computer safety.

CheMU is an organization for undergraduate students interested in chemistry research or other fields related to it. Members participate in a wide range of programs and activities that enhance their college experience and prepare them for successful careers.

Criminology and Law Society
The Criminology and Law Society is an organization that provides a forum for students of all majors to explore different opportunities in the field of criminology and criminal justice. Through guest speakers from a variety of criminal justice related professions, students can gain valuable insights and connections, while learning what it takes to pursue a career in criminology, criminal justice, or law.

Marquette Robotics Club
The Marquette Robotics Club is designed for any student, not just engineering majors, who are interested in learning more about robotics. Even if you have no experience in the field, we encourage you to come to our meetings and learn with us! The majority of the skills that you will be using are CAD (Computer Aided Design), programming, and electrical design.

Marquette University Student Nurses Association
MUSNA is an official organization of the WSNA that works to build community, confidence, and leadership among Marquette’s nursing students. MUSNA plans professional development opportunities, engages in community service and fundraising, and organizes social events throughout the year, such as the annual NightinGala in downtown Milwaukee. All MU nursing students are welcome and encouraged to get involved!

Mock Trial
Mock Trial is a place for prospective lawyers, actors, and anyone who is interested to learn more about the legal process while promoting healthy competition between individuals and teams. The purpose of this Organization shall be to cultivate an appreciation for and understanding of the legal process in the United States. Utilizing the prestigious nature of Marquette University in legal education, the Organization will foster healthy competition through the development of public speaking, acting, and critical thinking skills that will allow members to succeed in a career that requires any of the aforementioned skills.


Religious Clubs

Jewish Student Union
The Jewish Student Union (JSU) is a religious and cultural organization seeking to provide enlightening Judaic programming and Jewish cultural experiences for persons of all faiths on Marquette University’s campus, whilst providing support and encouragement for students of the Jewish faith and students seeking to learn and engage with members of the Jewish faith.

Hindu Student Association
Hindu Student Association is open to all Marquette students who have an interest in learning more about Hindu ideologies and traditions. We intend to familiarize students to Hinduism by engaging club members in volunteer opportunities in the local area as well as in the Hindu community. We also wish to educate students on various traditions and holidays. Finally, we hope to celebrate major Hindu festivals together in fun and captivating ways!

The Knights of Columbus
The Knights of Columbus is the world’s largest Catholic fraternal organization. The mission of the Knights of Columbus is to promote the moral, intellectual and spiritual development of the future leaders of civil society, the Order, and the Church through witness to the Gospel and dedication to the principles of charity, unity, fraternity, and patriotism.

Muslim Student Association
Our organization succeeded in having a variety of well attended events that aimed to fulfill the purpose of the MSA which is to inform and educate the University Community about the aspects of Islamic religion, including Islam’s heritage and culture, like our IAW as well as evaluating contemporary Muslim student concerns through events, our keynote and Discovering Spirituality lecture, and the variety of socials that open to all. This helped to spread awareness regarding the religion for both Muslim and non-Muslim peers in the university.

Orthodox Christian Fellowship
Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF) is the official campus ministry of the Eastern Orthodox Churches. All Orthodox Christians as well as those interested in the spirituality, faith and history of the Orthodox Church are always invited to join us in discussion, prayer and worship.

We’re an on-campus movement working to make sure everyone has the opportunity to meet someone who truly knows and follows Christ. The biggest question: Who is God and how does He impact my life? We’re here to help you answer that question. We offer many opportunities to get involved, including Bible studies, retreats, conferences, social events, and summer missions venues both in the U.S. and abroad.

Cultural Clubs

Black Student Council
Our mission is to make a change, highlight our culture, and create an environment where Black Students can thrive and flourish. Most importantly we emphasize creating positive synergy in the Marquette and Milwaukee community. Our values are community service, togetherness, respect, integrity and, compassion for humanity. We ask that all members uphold these values to help further the cause and to create a beloved community here on campus

German Club
The German Club of Marquette University intends to create an environment where students can further their understanding and interest in both the language and culture of Germany. Additionally, the intent is to create a positive and interactive social environment through on and off campus offerings. The aim is to engage the wider student body regarding German language, culture, and European history, to increase global competence.

Indian Student Association
The Indian Student Association (ISA) of Marquette University is a multi-cultural group that is interested in the Indian Culture. We have variety of events during the year. Our main event is our annual cultural show that consists of Indian music, dances, singing, and food! We also have social events and community service events. Everyone is welcome to join…regardless if you’re Indian or not!

Italian Club
Ciao! We are a community at Marquette University dedicated to further exploring Italian culture and bringing a touch of it to our campus. Through events and meetings we will grow as a community, have fun, and learn more about the culture. We intend on hosting events year round such as movie nights, cooking sessions, Italian Holidays, bocce ball, and many more!

Pakistani Student Association Pakistani Student Association (PSA) is a student run organization at Marquette University. PSA provides Pakistani students with an opportunity to familiarize with Pakistani culture, network with other students and professionals, and contribute to the community in a meaningful and effective manner.

Polish Student Alliance
This organization aims to bring Polish-American students together and to stay in touch with their cultural ties to Poland. We also invite students interested in learning about the Polish culture to join our club, as we want to stimulate understanding of diversity amongst peers. We hope to share our traditional Polish values by allowing students to participate and engage in promoting greater understanding of Polish culture, public affairs, and history.

Greek Life

Alpha Chi Omega
Alpha Chi Omega was founded at DePaw University on October 15th, 1885 by seven women. Since then, it has grown into a National Panhellenic Council sorority with about 200 chapters nationwide and joined Marquette’s campus on April 15th, 1989. We work to develop Real Strong Women who become leaders in their communities through academic interest, character, financial responsibility, leadership and personal development. Alpha Chi Omega’s pride ourselves in being advocates for domestic violence awareness by working directly with the Milwaukee Women’s Center and hosting events to raise money for the families affected.

Kappa Delta
Kappa Delta Sorority is a national organization for women committed to: Inspiring our members to reach their full potential; Preparing our members for community service, active leadership and responsible citizenship; Creating opportunities for lifetime involvement through innovative and responsive programs, and strategic collaborations and partnerships; and Fostering the development of our time-honored values within the context of friendship.

Sigma Chi Fraternity
Sigma Chi’s purpose is to promote the concepts of Friendship, Justice, and Learning; to build brotherhood and life-long membership among members from all walks of life. Its mission statement is to develop values-based leaders committed to the betterment of character, campus and community. Sigma Chi’s vision statement is “to become the preeminent collegiate leadership development organization—aligned, focused and living our core values”.

Pi Beta Phi
Pi Beta Phi is an energetic group of women brought together for a common purpose. We aim to promote sincere friendship, develop ourselves into women of intellect and integrity, cultivate leadership potential, and enrich the lives of other through philanthropic service. We strive to live up to our values which are personal and intellectual growth, integrity, honor and respect, philanthropic service to others, and sincere friendship.

Sigma Kappa
The Kappa Nu chapter of Sigma Kappa at Marquette University prides itself on maintaining our values through our supportive and dedicated members. We are proud to be distinguished as one of the top Sigma Kappa chapters in the nation based on our achievements in scholarship, philanthropic work, and outstanding members.

Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity
“This Fraternity Will Be Different…” This was the promise of our founders back in 1901, to offer a fraternity experience different than what was available. Inspired by the ancient Greek ideals of a Sound Mind and Sound Body, SigEp embraces the image of “Balanced Men” by living our cardinal principles of Virtue, Diligence, and Brotherly Love in our daily lives. Find out how SigEp is “Being the Difference” at Marquette University:

Political Clubs

The Alexander Hamilton Society
The purpose of this Organization shall be to provide interested students with the opportunity to participate in professional, academic discussions and lectures on campus. The Organization is an independent, non-partisan, not-for-profit association. The goal of the Organization is to build a network of students, faculty, and professionals who come together to promote academic discussion and constructive debate. Speakers from a universities all over the country can be invited to speak on provided topic upon the groups discretion. These events shall be dedicated to promoting basic principles and contemporary issues in foreign policy, economics, and national security.

College Democrats
The Marquette College Democrats fight for justice, equality, and peace at Marquette, in the Democratic Party, in Milwaukee, in Wisconsin, & in the United States. We are engaged in work not just with the Democratic Party of Wisconsin & the College Democrats of America, but with groups and individuals in our community to build a safe, equitable society that benefits working families, not corporate elites.

IGNITE Marquette University Chapter
IGNITE is a nonpartisan organization that is building a movement of young women who are ready to become the next generation of political leaders. Join us!

Marquette Informed Citizens
The purpose of this Organization shall be to further discussion and knowledge about political topics, improve public speaking and presentations skills, and foster a space for constructive dialogue and debate.

Young Americans for Freedom
Young Americans for Freedom – Marquette University brings together students to advocate for the ideas of limited government, individual freedom, free enterprise, traditional values and a strong national defense. YAF – Marquette provides a visible pressence for the Conservative Movement to energize other students and encourage them to speak out on campus and in the surrounding community.

Student Media Clubs

Marquette Journal
The Marquette Journal is the university’s student-run magazine, which publishes a variety of content in its published edition once a semester. It includes entertainment, sports, investigative and opinions content, as well as design and visual content.

Marquette Radio
Marquette Radio is the student-run radio station of Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Marquette Radio broadcasts throughout campus and on the world wide web. While serving primarily as a training ground for students aspiring to go into the radio profession, Marquette Radio is open to all current students at Marquette University. Marquette Radio offers students the opportunity to have their own radio shows regardless of class, year, or major.

Marquette Student Photography Association
MSPA is open to all Marquette students regardless of talent or skill. You don’t even need a camera to join – you just need to have an appreciation for photography and a desire to learn. We aim to boost creativity and inspiration for our photographic ambitions. We want to embrace both our strengths and weaknesses in the art of photography and capitalize and and improve upon them to make ourselves better photographers.

Marquette Television
Marquette University Television in the student-run TV station on campus that produces news, sports and entertainment programming for the campus community. It can be watched on campus cable or streamed on its website, The staff produces special coverage each year, such as live broadcasts of sporting events and the Marquette University Student Government presidential debate.

Marquette Tribune
The Marquette Tribune is a weekly campus newspaper that provides the Marquette community with news and a forum for the exchange of opinions. It has the combined function of serving as a learning lab for staff members and acting as a professional outlet for community news. Withe the exception of the actual printing, the Tribune is produced – written, edited and paginated – entirely by students.

Service Clubs

Active Minds
Active Minds is an organization working to utilize the student voice to change the conversation about mental health on college campuses. By developing and supporting chapters of a student run mental health awareness, education, and advocacy group on campuses, the organization works to increase students’ awareness of mental health issues, provide information and resources regarding mental health and mental illness, encourage students to seek help as soon as it is needed, and serve as liaison between students and the mental health community.

Camp Kesem at Marquette
Kesem is a nationwide community, driven by passionate college student leaders, that supports children through and beyond their parent’s cancer. We operate free summer camps, covered entirely by funds raised throughout the year, for children in the Milwaukee area who have been touched by a parent’s cancer.

The Mission of Marquette Empowerment is to engage Marquette students in discussion and social action devoted to intersectional feminism. Marquette Empowerment strives to maintain an environment in which each individual opinion is valued and each voice is heard. We advocate for social change to alleviate the current suffering experienced by Marquette students and members of a global community of feminism alike. The suffering stems from oppressive institutions associated with intersectional feminism including, but not limited to sexism, racism, classism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia and xenophobia.

Engineers Without Borders
The Marquette University Engineers Without Borders group designs and builds infrastructure projects in areas lacking engineering expertise and funding. We strive to solve engineering problems through community partnerships. We currently work in Joyabaj, Quiche, Guatemala. All years and majors are welcomed and encouraged to join either of the design teams, or get involved on other committees such as publicity, marketing, fundraising, domestic volunteering, and more.

Marquette Dance Marathon
Marquette Dance Marathon is a club that fundraises year-round for Children’s Wisconsin. We host many events each month including family events, fundraising, and dancer events. At the end of the spring semester (usually in April), we host a 12-hour long dance party in which we celebrate our fundraising efforts. Kiddos that have been treated by the hospital come with their families to our event to dance, play games, eat food, and share their stories with us! At the end of our dance party, we announce how much we have fundraised for Children’s WI. Help us fundraise to make miracles for these kids!

Step Up! Marquette Chapter
The Step Up! Marquette Chapter is dedicated to educating the student population about the history of the 1994 Rwanda genocide. Through various events involving music, dance, performance, film and lecture, the Step Up! Marquette Chapter also shares with the Marquette students and staff what is being done in Rwanda today by the national Step Up! organization to help rebuild the Rwandan women emotionally, physically and psychologically. In addition to educating the student and sta population, it also raises funds to support the healing of Rwandan women who have been the victims of sexual-based violence, as well as providing micro-finance projects..

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